Saturday, May 11, 2013

May 4-10 full res picture and video uploads

Just a forewarning, the sound quality on the videos is terrible.

EDIT: Added a jump break so those running MS-DOS don't crash and burn when loading the main page. Click something nearby to see the videos.

5/4 Owl Farm - Cheap Art (ATL), Fucked Ethos, Van Hagar, Profane Command

Fucked Ethos

Profane Command

5/5 Owl Farm - Dead in the Dirt (ATL), Cove, Yautja, Guide


5/6 Owl Farm - Gasmask Terrör (FRA), Youth Avoiders (FRA), Life Trap, Pissbath, Vacant Future

Youth Avoiders

Gasmask Terrör

5/7 Owl Farm -Low to the Earth (SC), Choking on Ash, Thetan, Act of Impalement

Act of Impalement

5/8 Cirith Ungol - Low to the Earth (SC), Child Brides, Vacant Future

5/9 Owl Farm - State Poison (FRA), Thetan, Pissbath



State Poison

5/10 Hymen House - Direct Effect (FL), Ex-Breathers (FL), Van Hagar, Fenris, Rusty Shackleford

Rusty Shackleford

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