Thursday, August 2, 2012

Billy Castro's "Make Love Like War" LP

Billy Castro is awesome. Though they describe themselves as "queercore" their sound is closer to that of sludge, noise, a bit of drone doom, and maybe even industrial metal a la Godflesh. Also, be careful if you try to google "Billy Castro": you may end up with an eyeful of tranny porn. Billy Castro is the name of a transexual pornographic video actor. Coincidence? No way. Not with stickers that say "LOVE","EVOL", and "I FUCKED YOUR BOYFRIEND".

In honor of Billy Castro's fondness for doing things differently, I have decided to review their album poetically. Without further ado, my thoughts on Billy Castro's "Make Love Like War":

Girl speaks words.
Then, singing!
Guitars rage and dance beneath her.
Bass nods along.
Drums set the pace,
Drums show the way.
Guitars groan metallically.
[Singer] Becca Baker is trying to tell me something.
Drums pound,
Guitar and bass chug
Crunch crunch crunch.
Soothing guitars;

Kid jumped off that bridge.
That was pretty sad...
He played the violin.
Both Bakers are yelling.
Open up your arms.
Dig Mr. Cochran's basslines.

Man that is a woman.
Reminds me of Alice in Chains,
Dissonance delights,
As do drums.

Pleading, pessimistic cries.
Is this a dirge?
grim hopeless apathy, perhaps
Drums pulse.
Good feedback.

soaring vocals over doomed guitars.
This song is brief.

Seriously spoken vocals,
While the lady weaves her words.
Great riffs. Groovy.
This album rules.

If you'd like to find out what the fuck I'm talking about, read it again while listening to their album below!

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