Sunday, March 18, 2012

A Quick, Rather Overdue Review of Kit Fistu, Brother Ares, Exorcism, Fenris, Intoxicated Male, and Witch Hex at the Muse

First off, I'd like to all apologize to my readers (yes, all ten of you) for how late this review is. Between sickness, school, skiing accidents, and other shenanigans, I've barely had time to think. But here it is, a quick n dirty review of Kit Fistu-Brother Ares-Exorcism-Fenris-Intoxicated Male-Witch Hex at the Muse on Feb 26th.

First: Intoxicated Male.

Post-tech-math-prog-grind-core from somewhere around here. Guitarist's fingers never stop moving. Screamer Elias is intense. Good, high energy show. 8.5/10ish

Stream their shit here!

2nd: Fenris!
Show is as good as ever. [Lead Singer] Chance is the man; he and Elias of Intoxicated Male are bros, yelling together into the mic often during Fenris' set. Chance talks about hating religion before one song. Good crunchy heavy shit throughout. 8/10

My memory gets a little hazy here so bear with me. I think the next band was Witch Hex:

When Exorcism and Brother Ares join forces, planets are shaken and demons cower. Crazy, droney, screamy improv jam set. Incredible.  9/10 DO IT AGAIN

Afterwards, Brother Ares and Exorcism each put on a show of their own. the Ares Bros were as solid as ever. I got to sit on the stage for their set! Awesome. Can't wait for their EP to get finished. Exorcism was fantastic as well. Sean got down from the stage and joined the crowd. Despite his normally mild-mannered nature, the guy is a madman when Exorcism gets going. He puts his whole body into the music. So energetic, so awesome. So glad I got to see a full set.
9/10ish for both.

Last was Kit Fistu.
I don't remember their show very well, unfortunately. I think it was pretty fun, but I don't remember any details. They sound pretty good on record though. Nice and crunchy. Can't remember/10
Check them out below!


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