Thursday, August 2, 2012

Archdruid's "Doom Tomb" demo

Fellow Dopesmokers rejoice. Archdruid has just put out one hell of a demo. These guys are from Nashville, and have played with mi amigos Brother Ares in Murfreesboro. They also have a show coming up together, along with local beerwizards Assnuke, and Demeanor from Kentucky on Aug 4th. I can't wait.

Anyway, back to the demo. Opening track "Lung Punisher" is rumored to be named after one of the band member's bongs. As the song opens up, the reason why becomes quite clear. If you haven't imbibed an intoxicating substance yet, STOP RIGHT THERE. Rip a bong, shotgun a beer, or whatever your favorite method is of getting in the zone. Now, turn this shit the fuck up. This rules hard. Electric Wizard, Weedeater, High on Fire, and all your favorite heavy stoner bands' influence can be heard in this band's sound.

Song two, "Witch Trial" comes up, and the riffs never stop. Like a delicious piece of sludge fudge for your ears. If you're not in a full doomtrance yet, then you're either not focused enough, or you need to take another drink/hit/etc. This shit, this demo right here, this is some damn fine Southern Sludge. Period. And so groovy! I can't help but bang my head.

"Down and Out" comes out with a more stoner rock vibe, with slightly less rough vocals and a punk drive. That groove is fantastic. The riff is reminiscent of Buzzov•en's "Whiskey Fit", which should be a clue that this track rocks hard. Then, things drop to half time. Reminds me of the greatest bonus jam of all time, Electric Wizard's "Mind Transferal".

"Pagan Ritual" begins with a sample of yelling and chanting, with riffs coming up beneath, until Erik's vocals pierce through the thick tone. Good mix of different vocal styles. Califf McBrideslayer's bass skills definitely shine through on this one, with some bass runs underneath a sustaining guitar. Ends a bit abruptly.

This demo is some fantastic sludge/stoner doom. Great screams and growls, great cleans vocals as well. And what great tone. All I want is more! My only hesitation with this is that it doesn't break much new ground. But sometimes, even if it's been done before, sometimes you just have to go and do it better. And Archdruid does it great.

Stream here!

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