Sunday, August 19, 2012

Archdruid, Brother Ares, and Assnuke at Springwater

My oh my what a show this was. Kentucky's Demeanor was supposed to play, but one of the members' family member was on her deathbed. Good luck Demeanor, hope she gets better so you can come and play next time.

Anywho, after reviewing Archdruid's delightful demo "Doom Tomb", I was excited to find that they were playing a show at local dive Springwater. A drive and a toke or two later, and I was not disappointed. Just, goddamn. Heavy guitar riffs, badass bass playing, and great drums. These guys don't beat around the bush - they fucking smoke it. Every song slew, but I think "Lung Punisher" was probably my favorite of the set. Erik can just scream like it's what he was born to do. Sure, there might have been a missed note or brainfart here or there, but nothing was getting in the way of these three guys' steamroller of doom.
9/10 #1

Next up was Brother Ares. For those of you reading NashVile for the first time, Brother Ares is pretty much my favorite band in Nashville. Their screams are powerful, the drums are thundrous, the guitars are ponderous, and Blake's dancing is not to be missed. This night was no exception; I would even go as far as saying it was a shining example. Everything flowed together very well, and Blake and Gore were synced up almost perfectly. Their energy was amazing, and could be felt by anyone who cared to listen. With the help of Assnuke's Clay Cronic on vocals, they rounded out their set with Black Flag's "Rise Above" and "My War". Did I mention that these guys had incredible energy tonight? When Clay got up there and started screaming, the energy just soared through the roof. What a set.
9/10 #2

Last up, and sadly perhaps for their last show for a while, due to drummer Preston Warfield's departure for UT was Assnuke. You want to talk about killing it, these guys did it in spades. And hearts and clubs and diamonds. And shovels and hoes (alright, no more spades jokes, sorry). Even if you don't like hardcore punk, these guys are a blast to hang out and drink with. But if you do happen to like hardcore punk, you are in for a treat. These guys bang hard and play loud. Tonight, they carried the torch of high energy and upped the ante. This being Preston's last show, they made sure to leave it all out there. My favorite moment? Their song "Prohibition", where, after talking about how prohibition is shitty etc., Clay just screams "NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" after a countoff and downbeat from Preston. The rest of the set was a cavalcade of hardcore punk, mostly originals (including an Adams family-esque ditty about cigarettes), but their cover of DRI's "I Don't Need Society" had a few bars of Black Flag's "Six Pack" thrown in the middle to great effect. Overall, a pretty damn fine last show. Preston, we'll miss you buddy. Have fun in Knoxville, and make sure to write.
9/10 #3, because I'm too lazy to numerically nitpick about these awesome shows.

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